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August 26, 2010

Ferran Adria, one of the best cooks in the world

Ferran Adria Acosta is a Spanish- Catalan cook, the chef-cook of the distinguished restaurant El Bulli located in the town Roses, close to Barcelona. He is seen as one of the best chefs in the world and he captured the second place in the European Restaurant Ranking. His restaurant El Bulli has got 3 Michelin stars. In 2005 it got hold of the second place in the restaurant top 50, and in 2006 the restaurant became first!

All the criticism agree,” Ferran Adria is the Salvador Dali of the stove, he is a man who is neither afraid of contrasts nor tricks. “

Ferran Adria, the son of a workman from Barcelona, and a kid from las Ramblas. He said:”I wanted to be a football-player and not immediately a cook, because I wanted to go to Ibiza on holidays with my friend I had to make some money. I started doing the dishes in a restaurant, and that is where my passion for cooking began”.

He dropped out of economic school, and started to be a cook. Every day he learns one page of the recipe-book El Pratico by heart, when he was 22 years old he started working at the restaurant ‘El Bulli’ and two years later he replaces the chef-cook. At the moment, 20 years later, he transferred the coast restaurant into a temple of creation. He never admits to indolence or repeating. Every year he renews the menu, with 150 different courses, totally!

Having diner from Ferran Adria is a case of patience and time. From April until October the restaurant is only opened in the evening. The meal is compound of tiny little portions, which you are meant to nibble, suck out, drink or eat while following a sometimes complex ritual. For example; he puts the goose liver and the chicken bouillon in the same bowl, but you have to eat it separately. A bite-size cuttlefish ravioli that explode in a burst of coconut and ginger, soft boiled quail egg with crispy caramel crust or a almond ice cream on a swirl of garlic oil and balsamic vinegar. A lot of unexpected combinations, always on the edge of delicacy and contrast, playing with the texture as with the colours or the taste. It is worth trying!

As said above, the restaurant is located in a small town close to Barcelona. If you want to try the restaurant, also visit this great city.

About Barcelona:
Barcelona is almost the biggest city and defiantly one of the most beautiful cities of Spain. It offers a lot of cultural attractions like the buildings of the famous Antoni Gaudi, for example the Sagrada Familia, Las ramblas and the Picasso museum.

Finding accommodation
If you are going to visit Barcelona and the famous restaurant of this master chef, contact BCNloft.com Apartments Barcelona who will guide you and find you the perfect room, accommodation or vacation rentals in the city center.

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