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August 8, 2010

Five Things To See On Your Holidays In Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands can be said to be a paradise in the Mediterranean. It is a breathtaking group of islands which is divided into four Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera in the North, and Ibiza in the South-West.

The climate here is wonderful and just right for holidaying. Balearic Islands get around 300 days of bright sunlight every year. You can soak in the magnificent beaches enjoy the rich culture, and the hospitality of the local people who make up the Balearic Islands. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations, especially in Spain. You will see many more people on the airport of Palma de Mallorca than in any other airport of Spain. Believe it, almost all the tourists visiting Balearic Islands, don’t want to return. There are some inhabitants here who came as holiday makers and have stayed on!

Despite all the people visiting here every year, it is very surprising to see that all four main islands – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, still keep their own style. Other than 24-hour parties you will be able to see Gothic cathedrals, ruins of the Stone Age, fishing villages and never-ending orchards full of oranges and olives. The Mediterranean coast on the whole, including the Balearic Islands does not get much rain and can get very hot in summer.

Ibiza is no doubt the most well known islands on the globe and a number of holidaymakers come here every year. It has shimmering beaches, cobalt blue water, breathtaking scenery and also the famous nightclubs.

Menorca can be said to be the least commercial of all the Balearic Islands, and has still preserved striking natural beauty best of all the other islands. Formentera is the smallest Island of them all and is situated just next to Ibiza. It is only 12 miles from one side to the other.

Majorca is an island of sun all the year round with golden beaches and warm water. Holiday makers on a family holiday to the Balearic Islands like to rent holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments. Self catering holiday accommodation is becoming more and more popular in the Balearic Islands as families like the freedom that this type of self catering holiday offers.

There are also some great places to see while holidaying on Balearic Islands. Arc de Sant Roc is a 16th-century archway at the top end of Carrer de Sant Roc. This is the only relic which is left from the medieval walls which encircled the old city at one time. Tourists also like to visit The Can Marques mansion. It is open to open to visitors, it is rare as most of such places in Palma are not. It will give you a look to how well to do people in the past lived.

Castell de Bellver, lies further south of the city, it is a circular and also unusual 14th-century castle, which is set on top a park. You will not be able to see some parts on Sunday. Coves d’Arta are some of the most visited caves on the island. These caves are on the coast about 10km south east of the inland town of Arta.

The Esglesia de Santa Maria la Major was rebuilt in the 18th century after its original construction in 1287. It has a huge organ which was built in Barcelona and was brought here in 1810. The Balearic Islands offer a great holiday on its fine beaches, with unending sunshine, delicious food and wild night life.

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