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April 14, 2010

Holidays in Ibiza

Ibiza is a small island just 45kms wide and 25kms long, one of the Spanish Balearic Islands just 2hrs away from the UK on a cheap Thomas Cook flight.

It is an Island of contrast in its appeal as it makes an ideal relaxing destination for those wanting a quiet holiday on one of its 30 or more beaches yet it is also well known for being one of the hottest places in Europe for the club scene.

Ibiza has a rich history and like the other Balearic Islands, Majorca and Minorca, it has been invaded by a number of different settlers over the decades. The Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Catalans, have all left their mark on the Island. Napoleon was born on a small island just off the San Antonio coast. Since the Catalan conquest in the thirteenth century Ibiza has remained under Spanish control and largely unaffected by world political events. Most of the architectural influences of the Romans and Arabs are long gone, but you can still find some of the Pirate towers that were built along the coastline to protect the islanders from the frequent raids. Towers would send signals between one another to warn islanders of impending danger allowing them to seek shelter.

As you would imagine with all the different cultures the Island is rich in folklore and in fact the Phoenicians believed the island to be blessed by gods and have magical powers. The small island of Es Vedra, rising from the waters off the Ibiza coast supports no living thing. The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau recorded mystical revelations and meetings with ‘unearthly beings surrounded by light’ while meditating there and gigantic circles of light rise from the sea which have discouraged fishermen from this area. A strong magnetic force is said to emanate from Es Vedra, attracting unexplained phenomena.

‘Ibiza will be Earth’s final refuge’ – predicted Nostradamus the 15th century French astrologer & physician. When nuclear disaster wipes out most life on Earth, the peculiar prevailing wind patterns over Ibiza will ensure that it is the sole remaining life-supporting environment.

Artists and sculptors love to come to Ibiza for the light and climate are ideal for them. There are a number of galleries on the island of artists from all over the world.

Ibiza has some wonderful beaches and hotels and is perfect for a family holiday. Boat excursions, water sports, adventure sports, walking or just plain sunbathing make Ibiza the perfect holiday destination. Accomodation ranges from self catering apartments through to top class hotels and private villas.

If you are into the clubbing scene then you will have already heard of Ibiza’s reputation as the clubbing centre of Europe….overground, underground, rock, house, hip hop, techno, electro, r’n'b there is music for all and Ibiza has the infrastructure to support this in a very professional way. There are specific holidays for clubbers with priority tickets to clubs and prearranged transport to get you home in the early hours of the morning. Celebrity DJs from around the world play in the huge clubs guaranteeing top quality entertainment. The whole club scene in Ibiza has taken on a more sophisticated slant in some venues as they move to more theatrical staging. There’s a distinction between the club nights being promoted and the venues they used with famous promotions like Cream and Manumission both hosted at the Amnesia club at the moment. Other recognised venues include Pacha which hosts the Subliminal parties and El Divino which hosts the Hed Kandi nights.

It may not be a big island but Ibiza makes up for that in its diversity, friendly welcome and choice of holidays, so book a cheap flight through one of the many tour operators flying to the island and enjoy a summer’s break in Ibiza.

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