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August 1, 2010

The Newer, Tamer Face of Ibiza Tourism

Countless vacationers are left in a quandry every summer. They need to get away, do something new and forget about their worries. But where can you go to cut loose, party and be completely free of cares? The obvious answer is, of course, Ibiza.

To say that Ibiza is known for its nightlife would be somewhat of an understatement. The Mediterranean island, just off the coast of Spain, houses a legendary club scene that draws tourists in droves each summer. From June to September, the island is a non-stop party consisting mostly of young Britons looking for a good time.

Ibiza clubs have become a proving ground for DJs from far and wide. They flock to the clubs to try out their best sounds and gauge the reactions of the wild crowds.

Although Ibiza is known for its club scene, it may soon become even more popular for its summer concerts. Ibiza Rocks, a summer-long music festival which started in 2005, is rapidly becoming an even bigger draw for foreign tourists than the notoriously hedonistic nightlife.

Traditionally, the biggest and best summer music festivals have been in Britain. Brave bands and music lovers have gladly suffered the sometimes-miserable British weather to be a part of a legendary festival. It’s not uncommon to see concert-goers decked out in full rain gear and covered in mud while enjoying the festival sounds.

But Ibiza Rocks is challenging that tradition. Why suffer through the rain, organizers ask, when you can enjoy a summer music festival the way it should be? Ibiza offers an almost perfect climate and year-round sunshine. What better place could there be for a music festival celebrating life, youth, and music itself?

That isn’t to say that the club scene is dying down in favor of outdoor festivals. In fact, the new infusion of youthful concert-goers seems to have brought new life to the clubs. The DJs are still spinning and the drinks are still flowing, and somehow vacationers manage to squeeze in some late-night clubbing after a full day of festival fun.

Not into constant partying? Do you still want to enjoy the endless beauty of the Ibiza coast? The island’s tourism board has recently been working to make Ibiza known for more than clubs and parties. It’s entirely possible to enjoy an intimate dinner at a fine restaurant followed by a somewhat sedate live music show at a beach bar.

Resorts on the island are doing their part to make Ibiza more family friendly by offering kids’ activities. And since most of the late-night revelers sleep well into the afternoon every day, the island is perfectly serene for those who choose to do their sight-seeing early.

Eco-tourism is a growing industry on Ibiza. Every year, an increasing number of tourists come not for the rowdy clubs, but for the natural beauty of the island. They often visit in the off-season and spend their days hiking, swimming, practicing group yoga, and cleaning up the beaches.

Today, Ibiza is no longer just a party destination. No matter who you are or what you hope to accomplish on your vacation, you can carve out the perfect experience on the sandy shores of Ibiza.

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