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July 19, 2010

!!the Secret Diary of a Wedding and Celebration Planner in Ibiza!!

Wow! You lucky thing – what a glamorous job you have!! – Oh! I have heard this comment SOOOOO many times, and even though I would not change my job for anything right now it is not only just fun in the sun all the time, I can assure you!! Saying that I must add that I think it must be one of the nicest jobs around. Creating experiences full of love, smiles and happiness  which will be etched on your clients heart for ever must come close to10 out of 10 for job satisfaction .!


I created my company Whateveribiza.com with the idea of promoting the concept that

“Whatever any one was wanting in Ibiza I could supply it!”

 After living and breathing the Ibizan way of life alongside the locals for over 25 years I felt I had the local knowledge and contacts to offer both local residents and visitors those little special extras that are so often hard to find or organise on your own.

From these humble beginnings whateveribiza.com – weddings and celebrations was born and I have never looked back since!!


I now am blessed with the job of creating unique IBIZA weddings, surprise sunset cliff top engagements, surprise sunset luxury yacht cruises, and any other type of celebration wanted on the island , be it a girlie Hen week in a luxury Villa,  both tame and rather  wild Stag weekends, birthday and anniversary family get togethers, themed villa parties and surprise themed bedroom make overs, even renewal of vows and christenings…….. from intimate romantic experiences for just two people to formal events of 200 plus ….


Ibiza is famed for its Party island ambience and I just try to add my personal detailed stamp on my celebrations by offering unusual and interesting alternatives to all my clients. I like to think that when my clients and their guests have to pack their bags and think about going back to work on Monday morning, they don’t only take a sprinkling of sand in their suitcase and a sun tan with them; They also  take with them the memory of a “WOW” factor experience  and a picture in their mind of the other side of IBIZA , the real IBIZA that can still be found and that I fell in love with 25 years ago !


“So what is an average working week / day for you?”- I have been asked by so many,      “How come you always have a tan and a smile on your face?” they say!!— the answer is simple – be organised and make the most of every moment of every day !



Here is an average working day anyway !!! ( when I don’t have a wedding on, that is )


8.00 – Roll up the blinds, smile at yet another sunny day , feed the cat , put  on the  lap top and also the  kettle for  a cup of  tea , emails  to answer, clients questions , new requests , suppliers info and questions ……………

 9.30 to 10.30   Get on my Bike and let my mind and body take me to gym and step class!!  -  discipline is always good  for you !


11. 00   Invigorated, back home to check emails and  todays “TO DO LIST”– phone florist to check this weeks orders , Phone transport agency to confirm stretch limo for tomorrows surprise sunset  client .


11.30   Drive down in my loyal black pick up truck( what would I do with out it) to my favourite port side café  for breakfast and meeting with new wedding clients over for two days to see wedding venues etc


12.30 .Take clients to visit 2 possible beach venues. – Clients wish to book .date etc so organise paper work , wedding planning schedules etc


1.30 – well while we are here we might as well have lunch with the sand between our toes no??- nice to relax with clients, healthy salad and glass of chilled white wine  and find out exactly what  experience they are wanting to  create for their wedding next year – never get tired of listening to the excitement and passion in my clients dreams.



4.30 – to 5.30 – drop clients back to their hotel and then home for THE SACRED SIESTA ! – (we are in Spain you know!)


6.00 – Meeting with photography to discus the wedding at the weekend.

7.00 – visit décor shop to pick up candles, decorations etc for wedding.

8.00 -   sunset meeting with the ceremony host to finalise ceremony and watch sunset .Something I never get bored of watching.


9.00 home to lap top and answer days emails ………………dive under my chill-out gazebo in the garden , light the  candles and  incense, one more glass of wine ,  family and supper al fresco .


End of another beautiful day in IBIZA



And when I have a wedding on the pressure is on too………..


7.30 – Blinds up , cat still asleep but laptop and kettle on early today – emails and new requests to follow up as always.

8.30 – go through check list for the day, time of wedding , location , number of guests, special requests etc

9.00  - down to market and florist wholesalers for flowers – take to venue .start decorations and  arrange flowers  where possible at venue


12.00 – ring photographer, hairdresser, musician, ceremony host and transport company to confirm all is well.


12.30. – pick up menus from printer.

1.00 –  quick tapa or snack where ever I can

1.30  - check all is organised for tomorrows clients surprise sunset yacht experience. phone skipper , check cava, food , transport , flowers , chocolate etc .( always have to be thinking of the next day  priority client )

2.00 -Go to venue check tables, decorations etc then take bouquets and button holes to the brides house .

2.30 Have glass of cava with the bride and hairdresser .Helps to calm ALL our nerves              !


Quickly home to load the pick up with   decoration / ceremony equipment – drive to church or location and set up decorate location etc .


5.30 Ring bus driver and limo  to check all is well and they are  on their way …greet the ceremony host / musicians, etc  and be  there to welcome the wedding party as they arrive at 6.00  ………………..  from this moment  on my job is to professionally and efficiently  over see that everything works like clock work , everybody is happy , calm , comfortable and enjoying the experience I have created.


I am there with my clients and guests  throughout the whole event until the cake is cut the dj is in full swing, the flamenco dancers and flame acrobats have entertained and filled the party with their latin energy , and the transport is confirmed  for later on to take every body either home or on to the clubs ………….


I leave my clients with a hug and a smile, (but with my mobile on for them just in case) , and also a smile in my heart to know that I have helped  yet another couple take the first positive steps on their new journey on the road of married life , with hopefully a memorable beginning  that will stay with them always. I always tell them that as they watch each sunset together over the years, I like to think they will remember the first one they saw together as man and wife in IBIZA and remember the promises they made to each other on that day .


I think I´m a real romantic at heart so guess I have found my ideal job and vocation in life, don’t you ?!!


Written by Candida jane Blaxall




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